Motive (objectives)

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  • Therefore, the researcher was motivated to do an investigation into ... and to identify and assess ...
  • Therefore, the motivation of the research is to analyse ... and assess ...

Theoritical basis

Selecting methods

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  • Investigating ... through reviewing the relevant literature, the dissertation can reveal ...
  • In addition, analysing ... will stimulate the discussion; this can also serve as a basis for further research in this field.


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  • Due to the constraints of time and resources, the research focused on ..., which were accessible through ... , which will inevitably result in absence of some studies or research on the topic.
  • Although ... , the limited number of case studies may lead to some bias.

chapter conclusion

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  • This chapter has been concerned with providing and outlining both the methodological approach adopted within this work as well as the justifications.
  • Meanwhile, limitations entailed in the research has been presented.
  • In the next chapter, ... will be discussed ...
  • This chapter consisted of the methodological approach of ... and also justified this research within the methodology.''
  • On the other hand, there are limitations to this work, which will be introduced in the concluding chapter.
  • In the following chapter, ... will be discussed with ...

Literature Review

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  • The literature review occupies an important part in this research.
  • Thus, the detailed investigation of relevant soureces is crucial here.
  • Reviewing case studies are also significant to ...

Sources of the literature

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  • Secondary literature was accessed through ...
  • To review a wide range of ... has a great deal of information detailing ...
  • This book is an essential reference for ...
  • In addition, ... is also beneficial as it analyses ...
  • Secondly, it is necessary to refer to documents issued by ... such as ...
  • These documents provide credibility to this research in terms of ...
  • Thirdly, the official website ... is very valuable for investigating cases of ...
  • ... are the major sources of case studies in the dissertation.

Searching the literature

Evaluating the literature




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